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Environmental sustainability
on circus

Few words about these project

​These space was created with the idea of researching and writing about circus, as well as its relationship with other fields, aiming the amplification of circus literature. The subject “environmental sustainability” was chosen out of many reasons, the most relevant among them was the scientific curiosity of collecting data that could contribute to further scrutiny of the matter. Together with the creation of an up-to-date pool of information for action more intellectual based, or maybe even to consider whether or not any actions are necessary at all.


The writings, analyses, interviews and surveys were born from the wish of it's author, Mia, to examine the practices of circus arts in order to improve it, in as many directions as the plurality of circus itself. The time and energy invested in this project were only available thanks to the grant of a Work/ Research scholarship in contemporary circus by the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sports of Austria. Not been in a directly commissioned quest the author was not subjected to a specific thesis to be proven or certain results to be attained, on the contrary, the whole material is simply the aftermath of a very organic unfolding of paths, insights and outcomes. That is perhaps an Achilles heel from some perspectives, such freedom in studies can easily lead to bewilderment. Indeed, the simple fact of conducting such research in one-person team borders on petulance, given the vastness in technological and linguistic requirements of such undertaking (not mention the importance of revision). However, this work is primarily to be understood as a sparkle, lightening up a corner that is still quite dark, so we can all start integrating this aspect of living more harmonic with each other and nature in our circus practices.


It is, in some sense, the effort of constructing a reflection and dialogue space. Opening up the discourse about something is probably one of the best “fast track” tools for growth that we humans posses, the exchange and storage of information made so many of our modern developments possible. So this data presentation should be understood as so: a space for exchange of perspectives as well as a rudimentary archive of the present situation regarding the environmental sustainability in contemporary circus.


If you want to interact about these findings and/ or colaborate with this work

in any way please do not hesitate getting in contact.

All the texts, graphics and video/audio material are available for download,

send your request to:

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