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Six artists who currently (2023) live and perform in Europe were interviewed, they presented different perspectives, together, a mosaic that provides a glimpse of understanding how contemporary performers perceive and practice the environmental awareness nowadays. The most relevant ideas to this research were highlighted on the side of the video, greatly contributing to understand how to build and promote a more environmental friendly contemporary circus. Immense gratitude for their collaboration. Like nature teaches us in so many occasions: sharing, exchanging and doing together is definitely part of a more sustainable way of living. Under each highlight there is some link to connect with these artists and follow the work of this amazing people.

Vertical Rope * Hairhang * Vertical dance * Scandinavian Traditional Music * Teaching * 

Karoline Aamås

Norvegian based in Stockholm

Karoline beautifully pointed out that environmental sustainability is composed of many aspects that have to be taking in consideration, in a balanced fashion. The power of cultural exchange, for example, have to be regarded when limiting travel experiences due to fuel reduction.

Hand to hand * Aerial hoop * Production * Dance * Object manipulation* Costume * Theater 

Sophie Zoletnik

Hungarian based in Budapest

Sophie brought up the idea of focusing in building a local audience for your art in order to avoid deploying resources with extensive travels, an attitude that can culturally strengthen the local community as well as aggregate value to the performance in itself as an experience, since local people often times are more able to relate to the themes, critics and points presented in piece

Juggling Icon * Teaching

Stefan Sing

German based in Berlin

Stefan rightly called upon sharing the environmental responsibility in productions, the importance of awareness raising in all layers of the performance market, i.g. acknowledging the key role of bookers in making possible a more sustainable way of bringing our art to the stages. Additionally the common impossibility of choice when confronting sustainability with financial necessities.

Slack rope * Stilts * Teaching

Aurelia Eidenberger

Austrian based in Kumberg

For Aurelia the sense of environmental responsibility and the habits constructed over this concern in her professional life is a mirror and an extension of her behavior in private life. Also, she sees a big opportunity of been revolutionary creative in circus productions on the sustainability path.

Giulio Lanfranco

Acrobatic leader * Acrobatic duo

* Theater * Teaching

Italian based in Turin

Giulio shares the perspective of having a big top and the misconceptions around the resources overuse in the circus nomad lifestyle, and the simple actions that are capable of making tour companies real examples of sustainability like hiring a cook, dumpstering food, using bikes when stationary, and so on.

Alluana Ribeiro

Acrobatic duo* Handstand* Theater * Aerial hoop* Hoover board

Brazilian based in Toulouse

Alluana denotes how Geographie plays a big role when comparing the ways of conducting circus productions, European western societies tend to have basic practices deeply integrated in the artistic creation process while others countries are still very deprived of any sense of environmental awareness. Each given scenario will restring or support the possibilities of the artists as individuals to exercises sustainable manners.

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