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Production Isn't time to reintegrate ourselves in the concept of nature? To realize the so gentle and yet immensely strong truth: there’s no real separation between outside, inside, you, me, humans x nature. “We” are a complexly integrated system. As the bacteria in our guts and us as individual beings, the boundary is virtually imaginary since the extinction of the one would mean the impossibility of living of the other. In the modern human history pretty much everywhere caring about the environment doesn't really play a role in our way of producing almost everything. Fortunately this is slightly changing in recent decades, but how deep is the understanding settle in our minds and specially in our hearts? We separate our trash and (not very successfully) try to recycle our plastic along with so many actions, that no doubt are first important steps on bringing awareness to the matter, but probably still far away from the core of the issue. How do we reconcile with nature? How to rebuild the bridge between “us” and “them”? How to truly accept that the harm caused to the “nature” is non-other than a self-inflicted pain? Circus as its original idea was very connected to the circles of natural living:


, community, often times with extremely restricted resources, coping daily with the weathering of the earth, and so on. Obviously many things have changed from the beginning of the circus history to nowadays, and although some of this way of living are very hard to get in touch with again, maybe we still can apply the ring wisdom for modern creations. Bringing up elderly ways of producing in so many fashions, like reviving more sustainable materials for props, exercising “hold together” as main value of team work, exploring the open air spaces for saving energy rehearsals and or performances, connecting and interacting with local community, and endlessness possibilities. This regaining of contact with ancient roots for guidance, and ultimately growing new roots that point in the direction of freedom and harmony between the beings of the earth can be a way of healing the wounds of separation and promoting a very organic change towards sustainability and more over: balanced thrive. This experience brought to stages in an artistic way could be a sparkle lit in the single realities of people in the audience maybe capable of unleash marvelous “change” in mental concepts and attitudes of the general public. So this is the next ambition of this project. To create a complete show that grows from this seed: how to reintegrate ourselves to the nature — a contribution to not just sustainability, but harmonic thrive for all travelers in this planet and beyond. Parallel to this adventure, a documentation of the difficulties in being eco-friendly during the development of a circus production. Maybe serving as a guide for further entrepreneurs looking forward to taking circus productions to the next level regarding environmental sustainability. As well as pointing out for grant givers, governments and bookers the challenges that producers face when adding this value to their creation and how this can be appreciated and encouraged.

More coming soon...

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