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Applied contemporary circus perspective

A taste of field coverage and experience

Been a circus artist in the 21th century means much more than presenting something. This profession travelled beyond the spaces of the big tent, but kept many of the beautiful human principles of this millenium art, like the ability of reinventing oneself, amazing through excellence, transforming difficulty in opportunity, and valuing the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of the collective. These values are translated in the career of Mia with passion and sweat.



Performer & Creator

Washington Trapeze investigations - The pieces "a inquietude de todas as coisas" (the restlessness of everything) and "Fogueiral" (bonfire) are dear results of the contemporary challenge of transforming a selten and classical discipline into something brand new.

mia 4.jpg


Performer and Co.creator

Like on the picture above (performing in the production "Domus", granted with the culture incentive award in Brazil, Storytelling the journey of the "Sandman´s" characters - Destiny, Dream, Despair, Desire, Delirium, Destruction and Death) and as in many other productions the group could count on the creativity and teamwork of Mia building up together an exciting and original multi disciplinary play.



Performer & Producer

From her first signature as Producer in the show "Burundanga '' in 2010, an independent graduation show presenting the individual dreams of real life characters through a Magritte's surreal aesthetic. Until nowadays productions the aim of her work behind the curtains is to provide with all necessary means to support the creative process and the smoothness and efficiency of the organizational tasks.



Performer for the lenses

Applying strength, range of motion, and lots of experience on driving the body through edges, also in Foto and Video Projects. - "Warmth of loneliness", series of pictures developed in partnership with Paula Alvalá, about the solitary and busy life of contemporary performers and their own concrete jungle habitat.

mia 30.jpg


Workshops on Balance & Physical preparation

An acrobatic body is a resilient state of being. A useful tool to employ on research for scene and life. Through workshops and programs Mia already passed on her knowledge helping out other performers to get just in the right shape for a specific production, and  very ordinary people on the noble pursuit of  healthier life!

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