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Premiere January 2022

Contemporary circus play, 50 min.

Three curious people set out in search of their personal relationship to time. What does time mean to humanity and what all can be found along the way of such an adventure? Through their means of transportation, a time machine, the audience is taken into their alternative reality, into dimensions where the limits of physics and intellect may be transcended. Scenes from their personal experiences and observations are reformulated with circus and beats.... Played, as if by children we all once were. Because it is clear: time connects - in so many moments of the art of living.

Concept & Production:
Mia Ferreira
Creation & Performermance: Christoph Muchsel; Christoph Sztrakati, Mia Ferreira
Choreography & dramaturgical advice: Bianca Anne Braunesberger
Original music: Christoph Sztrakati

Circus theater play, 50 min.

"Cricket on the stove? Doing what you're told? Not these women! They defy traditional role models and successfully assert themselves in a male domain. (...)"

Töchter der Kunst & Radical Kitsch Ensemble

Über Piratinnen

Premiere May 2021

Freely adapted from texts by Effe U Knust / Direction: Nico Wind / Choreography: Ariane Oechsner / Stage design: Tanja Peinsipp
Assistance: Marianne Huber / Hospitanz: Marleen Zeirzer / Music: Steffi Baron-Neuhuber /Production: Natalja Kreil
With: Nina Dafert, Mia Ferreira, Maja Karolina Franke,

Gat Goodovitch, Maartje Pasman

Rise and Fall

 Shooting 2020

Experimentelle Video Performance

Documentation of the research process about circus movement in natural environments and landscapes, visual interaction with weather and season. Development of object manipulation techniques with organic and hand crafted materials.

Performermance: Christoph Muchsel & Mia Ferreira

Images: Bianca Anne Braunesberger / Production and edition:

The Wildes  Music: Elder Island "Black Fur"


Premiere March 2019

Contemporary Oprah, Wiener Staatsoper

"...The war has left its deep traces in all people..." (Marelli). The warriors of the play are the personalization of these traces. And establish the argument of both sides of this philosophical dispute. To wash honor with vengeance, to kill and be killed in the name of an ideal, personal or social; or to want to end violence in the name of justice and human freedom.

From: Manfred Trojahn, Direction: Marco Arturo Marelli, Orchestral conductor: Michael Boder / (...) Acrobats: Mia Ferreira (...)

Be Happy

Premiere Setember  2018

" Be Happy" tells the odyssey of Mrs. & Mr. Wilde, a sweet and compicated couple in search of love and laughter in this world.... They understand very soon that the best starting point is in themselves! The two modern buffons open up their struggles and triumphs to audiences of all ages, bringing domestic situations on stage, playing with role cliches, subtly inviting everyone to cherry their problematic and funny everyday poetry.


Circus Theater Play, 45 Min.

Performermance: Christoph Muchsel & Mia Ferreira

Creation & Production: Te Wildes