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Welcoming you and the future generations

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I welcome you, reader of this blog post, in this little journey of exploring ideas around the theme “Sustainability in circus productions”. I welcome you, so you and me can welcome the next ones after us. Not with demagoguery (very much in vogue in these times) but with a true sense of curiosity for the endless possibility of an even better place to live in harmony, for all beings on planet Earth.

It is for me exciting and confusing to promote reflection about this subject since it seems to be already so much campaign around it, massive pulling our awareness towards the topic. But, even though we have been flood with main stream media hype and governments huge PR investments on their projects related to sustainability, and consequently also all the controversy surrounding it, I still feel attracted to take a closer look and specially put in perspective to my great passion: circus. I got the great opportunity of having this discovery process sponsored by the Austrian “Ministry of art, culture, public service and sport”, my research project is intentionally very broad as I wanted to leave space for new opportunities and paths that may unfold during the journey. Which is already showing to pay off, hence this blog. The primary goal of my investigation is to gather ideas and develop strategies for the creation of my new contemporary circus piece, taking sustainability as a starting point for a plot, and maybe even for a completely new way of producing spectacles.

To discuss the necessity of a change in our behavior and the legitimate reasons for doing so, it seems of great importance the engagement of the public in general. If from this engagement turns out that our way to a better world is a huge transformation in the manners we live our lives (and that is still to be deeply understood, which and how these changes are for the real good), then we definitely will need to go deep back to the roots and stick together as a conscious humanity family. Most probably relearning many of the ancient values of old societies. Like some American Indians who did not have the pronoun “I” in their vocabulary, or South American tribes that considered every kid as a child of the group and not just of their parents.

It can be beautiful, but also dangerous... Society turning points historically tend to be exploited for people who take alluring capacities of sentimentalism in human beings and transform it for the private gain and manipulation of masses. That's why it's so important to address the participation of the community in this debate, that’s why I am creating this blog and hoping it to be a space of discussion and exchange among my circus people fellows.

The main intention of this blog is to create space for ides, the exchange of ideas, the collective creation and development of them. To connect people who are somehow interested in the art of circus and also feel called by nature to follow her wisdom and power. The commentaries are open for all kinds of interactions. And if you, reader of this post, want to become the writer of a post in this blog, please send me an email with your article proposition and I will be glad to publish here relevant contributions. Don't hesitate to contact me for any network building on this matter. I will be very happy to create a community of curious and creative people for more sustainable practices in the rings of the world! (

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